Why is Everyone Working on DAO Tooling?

Web3’s Structure of Choice (DAOs)

  • DeFi protocols
  • NFT communities
  • Investment funds
  • Climate and social impact projects
  • Research organizations

DAO Tooling Categories

  • DAO setup tools allow you to create the core infrastructure for your DAO, including smart contracts. Current tools include: Aragon, Syndicate, and Colony
  • Treasury management tools allow you to securely manage community funds based on the rules of the DAO. The industry standard is the Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet.
  • Governance tools enable you to manage community voting, the core of the DAO concept. They will gauge a user’s voting power based on the governance tokens in their wallet. The most popular tool today is Snapshot.
  • Communication tools are core to any online community. In web3 and with DAOs the biggest players are Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.
  • Compensation tools allow you to reward members of the DAO for their contributions to the project. Current tools include: Coordinape and Utopia Labs.
  • Access tools let you easily manage who can access gated, confidential areas of your DAO — including communication channels. Current tools include: Collab.Land for ethereum and Grape for Solana.

Venture Capital is Taking Notice

  • Connect with top-notch business and tech talent
  • Join interactive sessions with leading blockchain founders and experts
  • Meet a co-founder that can help bring your idea to life
  • Join an existing project and become part of a founding team



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