Roberto Rivadeneira’s insider’s view of NFT Creators Klub

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3 min readMay 4, 2022

By Sam Rucker

This January we kicked off our NFT Creators Klub, where members learned how standout NFTs are made and sold.

Because this was one of TOA’s most popular programs to date, we thought we’d give you an insider’s view of the Klub, through the lens of one of its alumni: Roberto Rivadeneira.

Roberto is currently preparing a new NFT project, S001 — ready to launch this Spring. It represents his first collection of digital sculptures, consisting of 49 one of a kind NFT pieces. NFT buyers can also gain instant access to his “AMA ecosystem” and four fine art prints. Learn more about his project here!

Read on to find out how Klub gave Roberto the right tools to start building S001, and more…

Q: Tell us about your background

I am a contemporary visual artist based in Berlin, since 2016. My work varies between public art, installations, studio/gallery work, and now NFTs.

Before Berlin, I studied Design in Sydney, Australia. I decided to move to Germany’s capital to start working on more tech-oriented projects. I joined a company that focused on User Interface and Digital Product Design.

Currently, I am trying to merge the gap between my art and tech design knowledge and find a coherent middle ground. Becoming an NFT artist seemed to be a logical step.

Q: Where were you on your NFT journey before Klub?

I was in the process of building my NFT collection when I joined Klub; I was searching for more knowledge and industry insights.

Q: Describe Klub in one sentence.

A community-based, shared ecosystem of knowledge and future ideas.

Q: What challenges were you facing that made you decide to join Klub?

I feel the current NFT space is a huge rabbit hole. Add to that crypto, and you get the sensation that everything is moving so incredibly fast. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and it can feel extremely overwhelming.

When I started building my NFT collection I started doing my own research, but there was just too much information on the internet to be able to filter out what really mattered.

In order to get my project up and running in the short term, and to gain the knowledge that really mattered, I decided to join Klub.

Q: What was your personal highlight at Klub?

There was one thing said by Andrea Bonaceto that really stuck to me; he mentioned that nowadays as an artist it isn’t enough to make a great painting or a great artwork — that simply won’t cut it.

Now there are just too many variables, technologies, and distribution channels that as artists we must understand.

The key is using those variables to our advantage — that’s what Klub was all about.

Q: Has Klub improved your project?

Klub has improved my project in multiple ways. It reaffirmed some hypotheses that I had, and it also brought new ideas on how to execute my project in a more community-focused way.

Q: Why should other people consider joining Klub?

For me, Klub was a great way to learn and get direct information from industry leaders.

Plus, the community set up and quality of its members is very good. I would like to stay a part of the Klub community!

Q: What’s next for you?

My next step is to launch my newest project in Spring 2022. You can take a look at that here and keep on the lookout for any updates on my Instagram or Twitter feed.

I have created a project that I believe is valuable from the point of view of the product, aesthetic, and set of utilities. So hopefully, it will be a successful release!

What about you?

Are you ready to join the NFT space, but, like Roberto, are overwhelmed by all the information out there?

Get the right knowledge, from the right people: take a look at our upcoming NFT Creators Klub and join the Klub community!



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