Part 2: NFTconomics advice on blockchains & regulation

Source: Twitter

Which blockchain should I choose for an NFT project?

  • What is it going to cost you (a.k.a. gas fees)? This can differ from blockchain to blockchain. You need to also consider marketplace limitations. Opensea, for example, will only allow you to mint on Ethereum, but there are others, such as Rarible, let you can choose from Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow. For a list of blockchains, specifically made for artists, click here.
  • Does the blockchain company have a future roadmap? How will it be supported, and how can it support you? Here is a roadmap that Flow published a few years back, with things you should look out for. You can also go here for Ethereum’s merge roadmap.
  • What’s the commission for minting the NFT? Is the blockchain specialized for certain types of NFTs? For example, Samsung recently decided to drop NFTs on Theta Network, because Theta has “cut a niche as a specialized blockchain for video, media, and entertainment”.

Ethereum vs Others: Can anyone actually beat its success?



What about regulation? What are the legal precedents around NFTs?

Baby steps around the world



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