NFT Gifting Guide: Need a last minute gift with instant delivery time?

  • Current prices can be inflated and gas fees are often higher than the NFTs themselves.
  • It still feels novel — for many it’ll be the first NFT they’ve ever received. You’d be forever remembered as their first! ;-)
  • NFTs convey individuality, taste, and style that reflects you or your giftee’s personality.
  • The process of finding, buying, and transferring your NFT will allow you to learn more about the metaverse, digital property rights, and the current zeitgeist in art!
  • Pfp or not? One of the first decisions people often make is whether it should be a Profile Picture (Pfp) or not. Have a look at this article for more context.
  • Generative, dynamic, photography? The reason Crypto Punks became so famous (and are considered Blue Chip royalty) is because they were the first generative art NFTs. We now also see dynamic NFTs that change over time and with the Quantum platform photography NFTs have gotten a well deserved boost.
  • Freshly minted or not? You can either be early and find a project that’s currently minting or buy already-minted works on the secondary market platforms mentioned above.
  • Want to buy a gift together with others? Check out fractionalized NFTs and throw your own buying party with friends on PartyBid.



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