How To Find A Job In Web3

By Morris Huling

Are you interested in working for a Web3 company? Your skills may be in demand at companies that are building the future of finance, gaming, and community collaboration.

Linkedin currently has over 22,000 crypto/Web3 jobs posted in Europe and the United States alone. We may be entering a bear market in crypto, but Web3 projects are on the hunt for talent!

That’s why TOA, for instance, has designed their latest program, Crypto Talent Klub, to help you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to land a job in Web3.

While some larger firms like Gemini and Coinbase have reported layoffs, many well-funded projects are gearing up to build the Web3 solutions of the future. Large, established corporations are adopting Web3 technology as well. They need people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the Web3 space.

We’ve written this article with the same spirit as our newest Klub: To provide you with a toolkit for landing a job in Web3.

We’ll touch on:

  • Non-technical skills that are most in-demand at Web3 companies

Non-technical skills in demand in Web3

While blockchain developers and engineers continue to be in demand, Web3 companies are also in need of a wide range of less technical skills to execute their visions.

“Marketing is a really key area for clients as is (and will be) compliance & risk as more and more regulation enters the industry.”Paul Smyth (Web3 Recruiter)

  • Community Management: In Web3 community is everything. Web3 projects seek to create a two-way, mutually beneficial relationship with their communities. In most cases, community interactions are happening on the Discord or Telegram platforms. Knowledge of how to efficiently setup, manage and engage users on these platforms is in high demand.

Sound interesting? Now, let’s dive into what it takes to start working with a Web3 company.

“There are certainly not enough people with direct experience in Web3 to satisfy demand. But as a growing sector, the opportunity is there to look to acquire skills from different, tangential domains.”Paul Smyth (Web3 Recruiter)

Acquire basic Web3 knowledge

Learn basic Web3 skills

  • Signup for a Metamask wallet so you can understand the experience of managing a secret recovery phrase safely

Join some Web3 communities

Web3 projects have a major focus on community. One of the best ways to find a job in Web3 is to join and engage in communities that are interesting to you.

Some communities are token-gated, meaning you need to purchase an NFT or the community DAO’s governance tokens to gain full access. However, many Web3 projects have open communities on Discord or Telegram. You can join these communities and start interacting with other community members immediately. I’ve often found myself chatting directly with the founders of Web3 projects in the community Discord.

“Stand out by engaging and adding value to the community.”

The best way to get noticed by the project team is to add value to the community. If you are starting interesting conversations that drive community engagement it will be noticed.

  • Share your ideas about how the community might do something better

Twitter is your Web3 resume

Web3 teams are looking for people who have a genuine interest and passion in Web3. Twitter is the best place for you to display that passion:

  • Follow Web3 projects that you find interesting

This is especially important if you are looking for a role in content creation / social media management.

Useful resources for Web3 opportunities

  • Crypto Jobs List — Streamlined job board that shows you how many people have already applied for an opportunity

Are you ready to start your Web3 journey? TOA’s Crypto Talent Klub can help hit the ground running.

  • Learn useful skills to jumpstart your Web3 career



TOA Klub is a virtual space to connect, grow and forge your own path. 4-6 weeks of cohort learning with expert speakers and peer-to-peer learning.

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TOA Klub is a virtual space to connect, grow and forge your own path. 4-6 weeks of cohort learning with expert speakers and peer-to-peer learning.