How To Find A Job In Web3

  • Non-technical skills that are most in-demand at Web3 companies
  • The knowledge base you should develop to land a Web3 job
  • How to stand out in a Web3 community and get noticed by the project team
  • Resources for finding Web3/crypto job opportunities

Non-technical skills in demand in Web3

  • Community Management: In Web3 community is everything. Web3 projects seek to create a two-way, mutually beneficial relationship with their communities. In most cases, community interactions are happening on the Discord or Telegram platforms. Knowledge of how to efficiently setup, manage and engage users on these platforms is in high demand.
  • Content Creation: Twitter skills are a superpower. Onboarding and community engagement are top of mind for Web3 teams. The ability to create engaging content about Web3 topics makes you a valuable resource. This could be written or video content. And don’t forget the memes! Web3 projects are hiring creators just to produce memes.
  • Product Management: If you previously worked as a product manager in the tech world, your skills definitely apply to Web3. However, you should be ready to make decisions in an environment with higher ambiguity than traditional tech. Also understand that your role will be very public, as you will need to involve/communicate with the community on decisions.
  • Business Development: Web3 projects often depend heavily on partnerships with other projects. If you are skilled in identifying synergies, communicating value, and managing relationships there are well paying opportunities for you in Web3.
  • Recruiting: The rapid growth of the Web3 space means many projects are looking for recruiting support to build their teams.

Acquire basic Web3 knowledge

Learn basic Web3 skills

  • Signup for a Metamask wallet so you can understand the experience of managing a secret recovery phrase safely
  • Swap some fiat for cryptocurrency to fund your metamask wallet
  • Practice swapping crypto on decentralized protocols like Uniswap or Sushi
  • Connect your wallet to NFT platforms like OpenSea and Rarible and check out the marketplaces (maybe buy your first NFT)

Join some Web3 communities

  • Share your ideas about how the community might do something better
  • Create useful content for the community — share it via social media and in the relevant Discord channels
  • Offer your talents and resources to the community whatever they are

Twitter is your Web3 resume

  • Follow Web3 projects that you find interesting
  • Retweet interesting Web3 content
  • Post engaging content about your favorite projects and Web3 topics

Useful resources for Web3 opportunities

  • Crypto Jobs List — Streamlined job board that shows you how many people have already applied for an opportunity
  • Cryptocurrency Jobs — Easy to navigate job board with excellent filtering by niche
  • Crowd Create — fill out a single application form and get connected with Web3 companies
  • Angel List — Not a Web3 focused platform, but has excellent opportunities in Web3 with target salary displayed
  • Ethlance — blockchain-based platform connecting employers with those looking for freelance gigs
  • Learn useful skills to jumpstart your Web3 career
  • Acquire relevant industry knowledge
  • Leverage TOA Klub’s growing network (including founders looking to build their teams)



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