How technology is shaping education’s present & future

Why does education need to change

The evidence around continuous learning

  • In the U.S. 74% of the workforce has participated in continuous learning in the last 12 months. 63% of those do it for career advancement purposes.
  • The top 5 countries that consider continuous learning for their career important are:
  1. China (91%)
  2. India (88%)
  3. Brazil (87%)
  4. Japan & The Netherlands (86%)
  5. The U.K. (84%)
  • 42% of employees say they are likely to leave their job because they are not learning fast enough. On the other hand, 94% of employees say they would stay longer if they were offered more continuous learning.
  • Ergo, this is not just a priority for workers. Their employers are also waking up and smelling the continuous learning. When it comes to funding online upskilling, 66% of employers think they’ll get a return on their investment these days.

How the commoditization of content impacted education

Source: Future Learn | The importance employers place on online learning
  • It is still not a complete substitute for in-class learning. Interaction is possible but stunted with formats like Zoom calls.
  • Learners are often passive and their curriculum is usually dictated to them.
  • It is easy to falsify or lie about attending a course. This makes them less valuable.

Education 3.0: The Eduverse is open for business!

Source: Twitter

1. The eduverse

2. Boosting intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

3. Proof of learning



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