Bridging the gap between NFTs & NGOs

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3 min readMay 23, 2022


By Sam Rucker

Today we’re handing you over to one of Klub’s most hands-on members. Other than using TOA’s NFT Creators Klub to grow her X-IMMERSIVE NFT venture, Xingcen Zhou used Klub as a launching pad for humanitarian fundraising in a Web3 age.

Find out how Xingcen Zhou lead efforts within Klub to create Klub 4 Ukraine, and how it helped her gain valuable experience in NFT creation.

Read her success story below…

Q: Tell us about your background

I graduated with an Interaction Design Degree in 2021. I am a Berlin-based freelance XR creative developer, multidisciplinary designer, and digital artist.

Tech has always been a passion of mine. But, having a high, inner quality of life has always remained a first priority.

Since April 2022, I started building my service X-IMMERSIVE to practice this lifestyle and to inspire collaboration between tech and art. The aim is to help artists and organizations pioneer the digital space using immersive and NFT technology.

Q: What was going on in your NFT journey before Klub?

I was just introduced to NFTs by my good friend Manke Chen; as a first step, I released my “T1ME” collection on Opensea.

Then, I joined an NFT and DAO Summit, trying to understand more about these related topics. It was a well-organized event, but the amount of information and community activities were too overwhelming for me as a beginner.

I wanted to find a learning group where people are just getting started, exploring the NFT space, and getting ready to grow together. Klub was the only (and the best) choice.

Q: What was your Klub highlight?

Our cohort started one day after the war in Ukraine broke out. Four days into the program, I started an initiative to unite Klub members to produce a non-profit NFT and sell it to raise funds for humanitarian relief.

As a result, we created Klub 4 Ukraine. 12 international artists and the TOA team worked together. We successfully auctioned our “4Ukraine” NFT on Partybid. We’ll donate all funds (minus Gas Fees) to Doctors Without Borders!

[N.B. Click here to find out more about the Klub 4 Ukraine story]

Q: How has Klub added to your life?

I was completely out of my comfort zone leading the Klub 4 Ukraine project. It was the best cohort experience so far with the biggest potential for personal growth.

In general, Klub is perfect if you want to find and work with like-minded people — and stand out and take the lead!

Q: Describe Klub in one sentence

Klub is the perfect online platform to learn, grow, and connect with a friendly and open-minded community!

Q: Why should other people consider joining Klub?

Because you get a chance to become your best version without risking a thing.

Q: Will you stay a part of the Klub community?

Yes, I’d love to stay and keep in touch with fellow members!

Q: What’s next for you?

I want to bridge NFTs with humanitarian missions. I also want to build X-IMMERSIVE into a transformational service that facilitates outer and inner growth, for everyone who joins the journey.

What about you?

Are you ready to join the NFT space, but, like Xingcen, are overwhelmed by all the information out there?

Get the right knowledge, from the right people: take a look at our upcoming NFT Creators Klub and join the Klub community!



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