Beginner’s Guide to Fundraising

Should I be raising equity, or can I rely on bootstrapped funds?

What are my funding options?

I want to raise money, but how do I know how much to ask for?

How do I calculate an effective valuation for my company?

How do I find the right investors for my business?

What is a cap table and why do I need one?

What do I need to know about term sheets?

How do I get over my stage fright when meeting with investors?

What do investors continually hear from founders that annoys them?

  • “My idea is unique, I just don’t have an USP quite yet!” Well… is it really unique then?
  • “Please sign this NDA. It’s important to keep my idea a secret!” Are you really sure you’re the only one who thought of that?
  • “I need a six-figure salary.” For investors, research, product development, and expansion are worth more than your jet-setting lifestyle.
  • “I haven’t looked into my exit strategy yet…” You need to be ambitions from day one, and establish confidence that your startup is going somewhere.




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