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01.07.2021 | TOA Klub

Humans have adaptive brains which are geared towards learning and development. So why are transformative thinking and onward technologies always met with wonder, fear, and rejection? …

07.06.2021 | TOA Klub

Edtech 2.0, Higher education alternative, cohort learning — these aren’t just vacant buzzwords. They’re loud movements and they’re here to stay.

For years, universities and their tangible setting provided a home to the stable institution and the powers that be. However as the Atlantic posted, that…

26.05.2021 | TOA Klub

Be cautious, be adaptable. We’ve used this phrase over a few communication pieces recently, but this placement just might be the most relevant yet.

Caution, adaptability, and research are key to success in the wild west of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can be volatile at the best of…

16.06.2021 | TOA Klub

All good investment reads start with some mind-blowing stats to encourage you to read on, right?

Did you know that only 2.8% of VC investment goes to female-led companies? Did you also know that the pandemic affected the funding of women-led startups disproportionately to the country’s…

TOA Klub

TOA Klub is a virtual space to connect, grow and forge your own path. 4-6 weeks of cohort learning with expert speakers and peer-to-peer learning.

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